Our Volunteers are "THE BEST"

IB Junior Pinning Class of 2024


Once more our volunteers went above and beyond to make this year's drive through IB Junior Pinning a celebration worth remembering. When it comes to before, during, and after the event, the hard work our volunteers put towards organizing, logistics and general support cannot be overstated. Truly, it is thanks to your cooperation and organizational skills that the IB pinning ceremony was able to be as successful and fun as it was, from decorations to music, our volunteers worked hard to ensure the ceremony was fun and memorable for our IB Junior Diploma Candidates. Thank you once more for your unwavering support!

Thank You to our Volunteers Invigilators


The final IB exams for 2023 are done! These exams could not have been a success without the outstanding help of our parent volunteers. Please find below a short debriefing of the Final IB Exams 2023:

  • Compared to last year we faces a 32% increase of invigilators needed (110 instead of 83 slots; 24 instead of 18 exams)
  • 52 unique and amazing parent volunteers showed up
  • In average volunteers signed in for 2 shifts; one parent signed in for 8 shifts!!
  • We achieved 100% coverage of the final IB exams 2023!!!


The IBIS Foundation is so thankful for your support. Wish you all a wonderful summer break! Looking forward to seeing you next school year!



Our Amazing Volunteers!


As always, our deepest thanks and gratitude goes out to our outstanding IBIS parent volunteers! It is thanks to their tireless efforts helping with the Diploma Breakfast, Valentine’s Day fundraising, and the weekly IB Spirit Wear sales that the IBIS Foundation can produce the type of memories it strives for.


Without you, the events and ceremonies the IBIS Foundation prides itself on providing would not be feasible.


We truly are grateful for your hard work, grit, and passion.


Thanks for the endless support, volunteers!





NEXT Volunteer Opportunities 



Positions available for parents volunteers for next year:

  • Corresponding Secretary
  • Website Manager

Positions available for IB students for next year:

  • IBIS Newsletter team member

If you are interested please email us at:  ibisfoundation@gmail.com