Every December, IB holds the annual Diploma breakfast, where seniors from the previous year get the chance to revisit the school and receive their IB diplomas.


The event was full of joy and nostalgia, as alumni gathered together in old classrooms to relive some of their dearest memories as IB students.


Following the diploma ceremony, the IBIS foundation provided all attendees with a delicious breakfast to celebrate!


Congratulations class of 2022! Remember, you'll always be able to look back and relive the great times you've had at Reef's IB Academy. We wish you the best!










Give Miami Day 2022




November 17th was Give Miami day, which is one of the largest donation events in the country. The purpose of the day is to make a philanthropic impact by supporting your community’s nonprofits.


One of the amazing nonprofits that our Coral Reef community chose to support is our own IBIS Foundation. The day was a great success for the foundation and our IB Cudas!


The money will be used to fund our IB events, such as IB Gala and the IB Battle of the Classes. Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!


 As of now, we have collected upwards of $4000 dollars, pending a final recount in December.





After two long years without an IB Gala and some setbacks, it was incredible to finally bounce back and be able to give the class of 2022 a proper sendoff to their bright, bright futures. The night was incredible, full of camaraderie and companionship for one of the last times among the IB Senior Class, truly not a memory to be forgotten anytime soon.


Additionally, this night was taken to present IB awards, superlatives, and scholarships to those outstanding IB students who worked hard for the past four years. The IB Senior Gala rocked, and we hope to repeat this same outstanding turnout for the Class of 2023.











Recently, the IBIS Foundation took part in Teacher Appreciation Week for the 2021-2022 school year, which was a rousing success!


Firstly, we would like to thank the IB Families for all the donations, the volunteers for taking the time out of their days to support our teachers, and lastly of course, the teachers for their hard work all year long.


For the first four days, each class sponsored a set of gifts for all our IB the teachers, culminating on the fifth day with a delicious breakfast for all teachers.


It could not have gone better, and it is thanks to all of your support. Let’s hope to make next year’s teacher appreciation week even better!

















Love was in the air at Coral Reef IB during our IBIS Valentine’s Day Fundraiser!


Students took the opportunity to show their appreciation for that special person in their lives with a sweet token of appreciation.


Thanks to all who supported! We cannot stress this enough; IBIS would not run without your support!




On February 10th, IB Articulation Night was held at Reef. This meeting is very important, especially for the parents and students of 9th and 10th graders, as it communicates lots of important and detailed information about the IB Program, what to expect, and how to prepare themselves for the demands of the next four years of the IB Diploma Program.


Alongside this meeting was the IBIS General Meeting, wherein parents can really come to understand the importance of joining the IBIS Foundation.


For those who could not attend the IB Articulation night, you can find the presentation on our website:  





This past December, our most recently graduated IB Class of 2021 returned to the Reef to finally receive their well-deserved IB Diplomas.


Unlike last year’s drive through, this year’s diploma breakfast was held indoors, in the auditorium with limited seating. Our IB Graduates finally received their diplomas, reflective of their academic and personal effort.


Congratulations Class of 2021! We wish you the very best in your future endeavors!




On Thursday November 18, the IBIS Foundation participated for first time in the Give Miami Day fundraising event. We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for our parents and friends donations. YOU have made a difference! Because of you we exceeded our goal of $5,000. *


Your generous donation will benefit our IB Students directly. It has been a truly gratifying experience to witness the generosity and support of the IBIS Foundation and its mission to the IB Academy. We appreciate you and thank you for your support! 


We will receive final results from Give Miami Day by the end of December, which we will announce at that time.


On Saturday Nov 13, 2021 Coral Reef HS held its annual Junior Pinning Ceremony. A yearly affair, this rite of passage is performed so that IB Juniors are formally inducted into the IB Program, as IB is technically considered to be a two-year course.


Typically, the pinning ceremony entails an IB Senior pinning an IB Junior with a special pin, as a way to show the IB Junior officially being in IB. Under normal circumstances, this ceremony would take place in a closed auditorium, but due to COVID-19 precautions, this year’s pinning ceremony was a drive through, as parents pinned their IB Juniors as they completed a circuit throughout the Coral Reef parking lot and drop off circuit.


A resounding success, students also received several IB goodies to commemorate their induction into IB. We would like to give a very big thank you to all the volunteer parents, teachers, and faculty that made it possible for the pinning ceremony to be conducted during these unique circumstances. Thank you for all your support!


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Thank you to all for supporting our October Membership Drive, and moreover we would also like to welcome the newest members to our IBIS family!


The overwhelming support received during this month’s membership drive will be reflected in the benefits to both our IB students and Coral Reef’s IB Program as a whole.


If you are not a member yet, you can still always join and become a member of our family at any time through our website, as our family is always looking to include new members. Join Now! Visit our website or click on the button below.



IB Academy Night and IBIS Foundation General Meeting, held on September 23,2021. Click below to find the slideshow of the meeting just in case you missed.


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This year’s annual IB teacher Welcome Back Breakfast was a rousing success!
We appreciate our teachers to the moon and back, and while this small gesture cannot accurately represent how much we appreciate them, the teachers loved it.
Thank you IB teachers
for all that you do! 








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IB diploma drive-thru class of 2020


2021 IBIS Foundation scholarship winners

We would like to take a moment to congratulate last year’s IBIS Scholarship Recipients! These outstanding IB students have been rewarded for all their challenging work and dedication to life as an IB student with a scholarship for $1,000 to aid them in their pursuit of higher education. Truly a monumental feat, we wish these now-graduated seniors the best of luck in their future endeavors! 



2021 Silver Knight Nominees 

The Miami Herald Silver Knight Awards is one of the nation’s most highly regarded student awards programs. The purpose of this awards program is to recognize outstanding students who have not only maintained good grades but have also unselfishly applied their special knowledge and talents to contribute significant service to their schools and communities. The Silver Knight Awards program was instituted at The Miami Herald in 1959 by John S. Knight, past publisher of The Miami Herald, founder and editor emeritus of Knight-Ridder Newspapers and 1968 Pulitzer Prize winner 1 . We are very proud of each and every one of our IB Silver Knight nominees!       




Cutest Best Friends 

  • Erika Tamargo and Ana Bizub

Cutest Bromance

  • Sasha Guedj and Noe Bonnefoy

Most IB (girl) 

  • Elise Wingard

Most IB (boy)

  • Alexander Chinea

Most Successful Slacker (girl)

  • Khloe Katz

Most Successful Slacker (boy)

  • Nakamura Pak

Best Hair (girl)

  • Rosario Buitrago

Best Hair (boy)

  • Clayton George

Best Smile (girl)

  • Lilliam Moraga 

Best smile (boy)

  • Randol Recio

Best Eyes (girl)

  • Adriana Alvarez

Best Eyes (boys)

  • Ivan Zientek

Most Changed (girl)

  • Paloma Vigil 

Most Changed (boy)

  • Daniel Lopez

Best All-Around (girl)

  • Isabela Alvarado

Best All-Around (boy)

  • Kevin Rubin

Class Clown (girl)

  • Romi Hardin

Class Clown (boy)

  • Jose Gavlez 

Most Athletic (girl)

  • Daniela Garcia

Most Athletic (boy)

  • Adrian Manach

Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality T.V Show (girl)

  • Emily Nodarse

Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality T.V Show (boy)

  • Timothy Shin

Most Likely to Rule the World (girl)

  • Malena Gonzalez

Most Likely to Rule the World (boy)

  • Sean Greene

Most Likely to Hit the Curb While Driving (girl)

  • Andrea Schmidt

Most Likely to Hit the Curb While Driving (boy)

  • Mark Jakubowycz

Most Likely to Turn Something in at 11:59 pm (girl)

  • Erika Tamargo

Most likely to turn something in at 11:59 pm (boy)

  • Noe Bonnefoy

Most likely to be TikTok famous (girl)

  • Madison Morrison 

Most likely to be TikTok famous (boy)

  • Gabriel Vazquez

Most likely to fall asleep during zoom (girl)

  • Mia Herrera

Most likely to fall asleep during zoom (boy)

  • Gabriel Santos

Most likely to lend you hand sanitizer (girl)

  • Nicole Lopez

Most likely to lend you hand sanitizer (boy)

  • Saul Castillo

Most liked by parents (girl)

  • Valeria Westring

Most liked by parents (boys)

  • Millard Mcleod 

Most likely to pass a test without studying (girl)

  • Sophia Leng

Most likely to pass a test without studying (boy)

  • Andres Rincon

Most school spirit (girl)

  • Sophia Oprandi

Most school spirit (boy)

  • Khalil Chebbi 

Most likely to forget their mask (girl)

  • Nicole Espinosa

Most likely to forget their mask (boy)

  • Eduardo De Andrade

Best Dressed (girl)

  • Sophia Salamanca

Best Dressed (boy)

  • Zaheen Rhamen



IB Academy Night and IBIS Foundation General Meeting, held on October 20,2020. Slideshow and Pre-recording of the Meeting just in case you missed.



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During this time of confinement and solitude, some of our IB students have made a difference by coordinating a rock concert. Alex Perdomo, a friend from the Special Education Department, asked Abi Stiff and her friends Gabbi Garcia and Jean Beltran to invite their friends to participate in his virtual rock concert via Zoom. There have been two concerts featuring Alex on air guitar, Abi as lead vocalist, Gabbi on air bass guitar and Jean as back-up vocalist with many other IB participants. 





2020 Silver Night Nominees

It is with great pride that we share the 2020 Silver Knight Nominees from our IB Academy. Congratulations to Franco Magalhaes, Daysi Maurique, Sofia Diaz-Rodriguez, Aisha Chebbi, Nia Paz-Diaz, Omar Hussein, and Nathalie Acosta. We are very proud of your accomplishments!









The annual Coral Reef Senior Breakfast took place on March 5th at the Rusty Pelican. Our seniors enjoyed the day away from classes and celebrating together.