IBIS Foundation Scholarship

The IBIS Foundation scholarship was created to recognize seniors of each graduating class who have shown outstanding leadership and community service during their tenure at Coral Reef Senior High. Each scholarship awards $1,000 and the board may award up to four (4) each year.

To be eligible, the student and family MUST be four-year members of the IBIS Foundation and submit an essay by April 1 of each year to Ms. Wise. Each year a new essay prompt will be released on March 1. IBIS scholarship essays must be turned in to Ms. Wise by April 1 and awarded at each year's IBIS Senior Gala.



Dear Seniors,

Welcome Back!!!  I am your CAP adviser, located in room 45 in the Student Services hallway.  I look forward to answering your questions and guiding you through your college process.  Please read through the information below and stop by or email me if you have any questions.
TRANSCRIPTS: Your updated transcript (with correct GPA, percentiles, etc.) will not be ready until mid-to-late September.  If you order your transcript now, it will not be the one you need to send to colleges.  I will send out an email letting you know when your transcripts are updated so you can order them for your applications.
1. GRADES.  Yes, senior year grades DO count. Don't slack off now! Sometimes senior year grades can make or break your chances of admission. 
2. SAT's and ACT's.  If you haven't taken your SAT's and/or ACT's, or you want to take them again, you still have (a little) time! Following are links to sign up for both tests. If you need a fee waiver, please see me.
NOTE: Each school has a different requirement for standardized testing. For a list of schools that DO NOT require an SAT or ACT, go to http://www.fairtest.org/university/optional.
3. FINALIZE YOUR COLLEGE LIST. To ensure that you have college options for next year, you should have a good mix of "reach", "possible" and "likely" schools. (REACH= A college that typically admits students who have higher test scores and GPA than you have- but may be looking for someone just like you. POSSIBLE=A college that you fit the admission criteria for, but of course is not a guarantee. LIKELY: A college that you will likely get into based on their requirements for admission.)   
4. CHECK THE REQUIREMENTS FOR EACH COLLEGE YOU ARE APPLYING TO. Every college has a different set of requirements that change from year to year. Make sure to check with each school to make sure you have everything you need.
5. TALK TO YOUR TEACHERS ABOUT RECOMMENDATIONS. Now is the time to ask teachers for college recommendations.  Tip: Don't ask a teacher who doesn't know you well! Sometimes the best recommendations are from teachers who have witnessed you try- not necessarily succeed. Colleges want to read recommendations that talk about YOU as a person, not solely your test scores and grades.
6. SCHOLARSHIPS. I will be sending you a separate email with scholarship opportunities. In the meantime, talk to your family about completing taxes early. The FAFSA, which determines your need-based financial aid becomes available on January 1st More information to come on this later, but here is the website if you are interested http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ 
Some colleges will also ask you to fill out a CSS Profile.  The CSS Profile will be available to fill out starting on October 1st Here is the website if you are interested in looking now. http://student.collegeboard.org/css-financial-aid-profile